Integrative Reflexology® 24CE

February 8-10, 2019; Cedar Rapids, IA


329 10th Ave SE

Suite 122

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


February 8-10, 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm daily



$375 if paid by January 18; $425 after January 18

Class size: 10 max.

A $100 deposit reserves your spot in class.

Call or email Kim to register: 319-560-5487 or


  • An Integrative Reflexology® approach to seeing the body holistically

  • Factors that contribute to health and balance for yourself and your clients

  • Cautions and contraindications for reflexology

  • Proper body mechanics and structural alignment exercises

  • Anatomy of the lower leg and foot, including bones, muscles and actions

  • Training in reflexology for infants, children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and the terminally ill

  • Spa reflexology with aromatherapy and foot scrubs

  • How to market your skills, along with the opportunity to access “ready to use” Integrative Reflexology® brochures and a listing on Claire Marie Miller Seminars website


  • 2-3 pillows

  • 1 fitted twin sheet

  • 1 blanket

  • 3 bath towels

  • Basin to use for foot soak

  • Massage table; one per two students (unless available on-site).

Sweet Feet© Cream will be provided for use in class. It is a hypoallergenic combination of Shea butter and castor oil.


Kim Chabal

Kim Lande-claire marie mille seminars

Kim Chabal is an RN, BSN now living in Montana. She obtained her bachelors in Nursing from the University of Iowa in 1992. During her nursing training she was introduced to Healing Touch, a form of energy work. She began to include healing touch in her own personal self-care and noticed how much this form of energy work therapy could help patients in the hospital. Currently, Kim works as a nurse at an independent living facility for the elderly and has her own holistic practice - Empowering the Sole.

In 2014, Kim became certified in Healing Touch and, from there, studied Integrative Reflexology® under Claire Miller in 2016. At that time, she realized how Integrative Reflexology® could assist nurses in the workplace, becoming another tool for their medical tool belt. 

Kim feels the foot is the soul to the body and you can tell so much from a person's feet. She is currently a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master, and certified in Integrative Reflexology®, Reflexology, Singing Bowls, Rain Drop Therapy and Beginning Herbology. Kim's goals are to continue to increase her knowledge base on energy modalities and to teach CEUs to nurses, massage therapists and other care-givers.


You can register with the form below.

To secure your spot in the class you will need to make a $100 deposit with Kim via phone or email: 319-560-5487 or

Your place in class is reserved with a $100 deposit

Call or email Kim today: 319-560-5487 or 

Phone: 919-280-5505


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