Debra Gist

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“I found Deb to be a very informative, well-planned and organized instructor. She is gracious and open and projects and positive attitude for her passion for reflexology and the teaching of that passion."

- Deborah L. Galbraith – Carlisle, PA 

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Deb has no classes scheduled at this time.

Integrative Reflexology Claire Marie Mil

Integrative Reflexology® 24CE

August 2-4, 2021

Location: Greencastle, PA

Instructor: Debra J. Stuff Gist


“Deb's grace and intentionality in presence and speaking was exceptional, so welcoming and safe. She seemed comfortable in herself and style of teaching and therefore made space for all of us to feel the same. Her kindness towards everyone and ability to communicate well and creating space for questions and comments was excellent."

- Anneliese Smucker – Millersburg, PA