Ethics: Balanced Professionalism



Luna Blues Farm

2123 NC Hwy 54 West

Chapel Hill, NC27516


October 17, 2021

2:00 - 5:00pm



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PLEASE NOTE: In the state of North Carolina, reflexology was moved from an exempted modality to a modality requiring a massage and bodywork license (NCBMBT Aug 2019).


Claire Marie Miller

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  • Skills for assessing a variety of situations that may present in the massage session.

  • How to speak and set clear boundaries with each and every client through nonviolent communication.

  • When to refer out to other healthcare professionals when it is out of the scope of their practice.

  • To assess your own needs for self-care by recognizing physical or emotional burn out symptoms.

  • To assert your own basic rights.

  • Your professional responsibilities.

Balancing you and your career

Balancing you and your client

Balancing you and your professional skills

Balancing you and your personal life choices

In this cooperative setting the group will learn to discern appropriate ethical choices as a massage therapist. Through discussion and questions this ethics course will support creating the template for making “balanced professional choices.”