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Hot Rockin' Reflexology and Sweet Feet Aromatherapy

Hot Rockin' Reflexology and Sweet Feet Aromatherapy

Enhance your reflexology sessions with heated basalt rocks and aromatherapy! Take your reflexology sessions to the next level. This protocol uses specifically chosen essential oils from LovingScents Aromatherapy to allow you to tailor a session for your specific needs. It is helpful to have had prior experience with reflexology but is not necessary.

You will learn:

  • Safe and effective use of heated basalt rocks and aromatherapy during a reflexology session

  • Techniques to use the rocks both in the affected area and as a wrap or pack on the feet

  • Therapeutic aromatherapy with eight essential oils targeting common discomforts

  • How to combine the oils and add to a carrier foot balm for the reflexology session

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