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Fertility Challenges and Fertility Massage

It truly is a miracle that we conceive much of the time without any intervention. For couples who do not experience that ease in conceiving, it is important to take into account both the male and female contributions to the fertility issue. Infertility cases are 40% female-related, 40% male-related, and 20% of cases are undetermined. 


Male infertility factors include low sperm count, low motility (amount and direction of sperm movement), high morbidity (death of sperm), and sperm morphology (the size, shape, and appearance of the sperm). Currently, the news is discussing the effects of laptops on sperm count, highlighting concerns that the heat from having a computer on the lap could be causing sperm to die. 


Another excellent book, Size Matters, by Harry Fisch, M.D. states that increased waist size and reduced testosterone contribute to the male fertility factor. As the male population’s waist size has grown, their estrogen has increased and testosterone has decreased. Men make testosterone in the testes and in the muscles. Most men are no longer chopping wood and digging ditches, activities that keep them toned and muscular. Massage of the abdomen for the male partner can support better digestion and potential weight loss. Reflexology techniques for the prostate and testicles allow stimulation of these important reproductive areas that cannot be worked directly on the body.  


Female fertility challenges include uterine fibroids, endometriosis, blocked tubes, and advanced age. A condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is on the rise in many of our young women. This is, in part, due to too much testosterone, which can be caused by diet or excessive exercise. I have used castor oil packs on my clients and have noticed a reduction of the symptoms of PCOS. I would love to see a research study with this method. 


A holistic approach to improving fertility also includes referring clients to other healthcare providers. Acupuncture has been well-documented to assist in relaxing the uterus during the time of implantation for IVF. The acupuncturist will often make dietary suggestions to balance out the hormones. If the couple I am seeing has not had a good reproductive check-up, including hormone levels, I suggest that they do that as well. The woman should see her OB/GYN and the male, his urologist.  


Nutrition is one of the most important factors in conceiving and growing a healthy baby. I try to remind couples that not only do they want to get pregnant, they also want a healthy outcome and a healthy baby. Consulting a nutritionist can help them to see the value in what they eat and how it affects the baby before you conceive. A conceiving woman may not realize that vitamin deficiencies before and during pregnancy can lead to health conditions in the baby. An herbalist might also be included in your referrals, since medicinal plants have been used for centuries to assist in conception. 


There is also new work being done with epigenetic “marks” that will affect the roles genes do or do not play in health. The diet, stress, and nutrition of the mother may create a gene pattern that will be passed on to the generation that follows (Time magazine, Why your DNA Isn’t your Destiny by John Cloud, 1/6/10). Fertility massage will help to decrease stress hormones and improve digestion, supporting the healthy beginning for the fetus and for the generations to come.

From the Great Law of the Six Iroquois Confederacy, “In all our deliberations we must be mindful of the impact of our decisions on the seven generations to follow ours.” This quote is very inspiring and applicable to the concept of natural conception and birth that Nurturing the Mother® principles have always stood for. The Seven Generations sculpture at Boulder Hot Springs, Montana, where I taught a class in Fertility Massage, inspires the concept of creating health in the parents with thought and intention toward the generations to come.


My sister, Cathy, expressed another way to look at seven generations in that we are in the middle and there are three generations back and three generations forward.

We are clearing the genetic markers

and held beliefs from generations past and creating a healthier model for generations to come. Using the Ben Franklin model - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - fertility massage, along with other alternative and complimentary healthcare support could be the ounce of prevention. It leads to the hypothesis that fertility massage is one great way we can help support healthy parents, conceptions, and babies.   

My last and favorite book is The Fertile Female by Julia Indichova. The honoring of the baby spirit has long been a part of my body, mind, and spirit approach to Fertility Massage. I had pre-conception meditations with my daughter’s spirit. I believe fully that babies choose their parents, and they choose the moment of their incarnation, or conception. I leave every client with a meditation and visualization to complete the holistic model of Nurturing the Mother®Fertility Massage.


Today many families are created in alternative ways, and fertility massage supports that journey to parenthood as well. When I have had a client return and honor me as part of their family’s story, I know that this is sacred work for generations to come.

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