Magu Hemp Relief Salve is the perfect cream for a rubdown or foot massage after a long workout, a long day at work or a tight, achy muscle. Our Whole Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract is blended with Castor oil for its properties as a transdermal carrier oil. Shea butter and beeswax both moisturize and protect skin from drying. Magu Hemp Relief Salve also contains arnica flower extract for bruise and injury healing. Essential oils of Bergamot and Boswellia bring their anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and analgesic properties as well. Magu Hemp Relief Salve brings warm relaxation to tired muscles and aching joints, without the over-powering “canned heat” of mentholated rubs.


Ingredients: Organice shea butter, organic castor oil, whole spectrum hemp cannabinoid extract, vitamin E oil as a preservative, arnica, boswellia and bergamot essential oils.

Magu Hemp Relief Salve 500 mg (1 oz.)