Magu Whole Spectrum Hemp Flower Tinctures are made from biological hemp grown on our chemical free farm in Chatham County, NC. We extract the full spectrum of health and calmness promoting properties in hemp flower to bring you an earthy-smooth natural dose of cannabinoids and cannabis terpene profile that assures you the full entourage experience. With >3% or less Delta 9 THC, Magu Tinctures are not psychoactive but have a notably calming effect, may assist with pain relief and may help promote healthy sleep patterns.


Every dropper full ( = 1 ml or 20 drops) of Magu Hemp Tincture of Whole Spectrum Hemp Flower contains 16.6 mg of hemp flower extract. Our tinctures are made with coconut (MCT) oil, hemp flower extract and nothing else. Magu Hemp does not use isolates or other products produced by non-alcohol extraction. With Magu Hemp, you are receiving the straight ethanol extraction of hemp flowers, the most potent part of the plant. To view our Independent Laboratory Analysis of Cannabinoid content, please visit our website at

Magu Hemp Whole Spectrum Hemp Flower Tincture