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Nurturing the Mother®

Claire's DIY Magical Aromas and Sweet Feet Cream

Claire's DIY Magical Aromas and Sweet Feet Cream

To create sustainability, simplicity and affordability Claire has transitioned from selling her specialized massage oil blends to supporting therapists making their own fabulous oils and sweet feet creams.

Claire has partnered with Fernanda Santiago, a teacher of aromatherapy in the Raleigh, NC area to create new recipes and fresh ideas.

This class is 4 hours of instruction on how to make your own sweet feet cream and all the aromatherapy blends to use for Fertility, Postpartum, Menopause and the Lymphatic Mover oils.  With this class you can save money on both the products and the rising cost of shipping, as well as learning a new skill that can be applied in many creative ways.

This class is open to all and is currently only taught as a live webinar.

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