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Student Testimonials

Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

"Life changing education! My passion for massage therapy has now transferred to serve the Preggo Mama population because I didn't realize there is such a big need for this!"

~ TJ Alvarado

"Great instructors, very nurturing, motivational. I feel much more secure to provide great massages to pregnant women and it helped me to understand pregnancy and birth much better."

~ Beatrice Carlson Bumbacher

Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

Nurturing the Mother® - Suwanee, GA 

"This was by far the best CE course I've taken as an MT. I loved every day of it. I learned so much to add to the work I already do with pregnant women. Thank you so very much for all that you share."

~ Saleemah Muhammed

"This is an excellent course. Instructor is quite brilliant and devoted. I was especially impressed that she does not judge others for their choices. I will use some of these techniques on clients who must be side lying and now I can massage pregnant women too."

~ Jo-Ann I. Crawley

"Taking this seminar with Claire Marie reignited my inspiration to become fully immersed in birth work. I look forward to sharing all that I have learned with my clients and to continuing my journey in this incredible field. I hope to take more classes with Claire Marie in the future."

~ Sally Berger

Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

Nurturing the Mother® - Asheville, NC

"This course was everything and MORE than I was expecting! Incredible, useful information that will last a lifetime!"

~ Stacy Stout

"Wonderfully done! Thank you for drawing attention to our birth stories. I feel I have more understanding about myself."

~ Cameo Fahning

"Thank you!! Loved it so much and can't wait to use this in my practice!"

~ Amber Garrison

Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage

"Fertility massage class was a very empowering course for all women regardless of wanting a family/children. It taught self awareness of our own female anatomy. It was very life changing as I now feel welcoming to abdominal work."

~ Maria Sabotta

"This course was excellent. I feel very prepared to provide a competent fertility massage."

~ Kelly McNally

"Claire is full of knowledge. She made it a comfortable environment, beautiful energy. I feel I am ready to do this work with confidence!"

~ Heather Dellaero-Chapp

"I really enjoyed the class! Not only did we learn great massage techniques we also learned other ways to support our clients in their journey."

~ Emily Chaffee

Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage - Chapel Hill, NC

One client's journey with her Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage Specialist:

I was in the dark for a while & grasping at thin straws to find answers to a predicament that not many people talk about, but at the same time feels so real & painful.

That brief chat we had of just me sharing what I went through with you, and you being present in my grief & really listening & wanting to help, made me feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. During the massage, the meditation you whispered in my ear helped me transcend from my physically tired & burnt-out state into a new place that made me feel hopeful & renewed.

The book, the supplements, the lifestyle change, the fertility massage all worked in concert to a positive pregnancy test!

My husband & I are still in shock that we are where we are now. We will forever carry in our hearts the two miscarriages that brought us to the lowest of the lows, which at the same time, served as the light at the end of the tunnel that made us realize that our bodies needed to be better prepared & healthy to act as vessels to successfully conceive.

- from Caroline O'Neill, LMT

Integrative Reflexology®

Integrative Reflexology

"Loved it! Claire's method of reflexology makes sense and is easy on the hands and fingers."

~ Laura Duffy

"Great course for providing the foundational work for reflexology. She combines her knowledge and how she has come up with her own and teaches it to us. More than just this point and that point. So much learning came out of this. A whole new modality!"

~ Kami Niefoff

Integrative Reflexology® - Chapel Hill, NC

"I learned so much from this class. I'm excited to start using this in my massage practice."

~ Cindy Fortner

"Claire was amazing. I never imagined I could learn so much in so short of a time - but the presentation was the key. I could not imagine a better system of learning."

~ Stella Surkiewicz

"Claire is a smart and en-point teacher, very knowledgeable. IT is a much more scientific/medical approach since she has a background in medicine/x-ray. Easy to read charts and fun class."

~ Amber Davis

           "Home Study was a great course to take! Definitely something to offer as a separate service       or incorporate into a session. Very powerful and very profound work! I would recommend this       class to Everyone! Awesome!" 

~ Charlene A Cabral

Advanced Integrative Reflexology

"Mind-blowing connections discovered!"

~ Denise Bryant

"Claire is always professional, yet very friendly and approachable. Very knowledgeable."

~ Rona Greene

"Thank you. Claire Marie's experience/knowledge passes through her teachings and the learning is easier."

~ Ieda Fraga

Advanced Integrative Reflexology

Advanced Integrative Reflexology - Surf City, NC

"I really enjoyed the class and will absolutely incorporate the techniques within my routine.  This will streamline my work beautifully. All these years and my preconceived idea that your content would be similar to Eunice Inghram’s (walking thumb)…how silly and unfortunate that I had never taken any of your classes before now. The good thing is, that this will carry me through into my 80’s, even if all I do is hold the solar plexus spots on a loved ones feet.

~ Patty Goett

Lymphatic Massage for Detoxification

"The class was awesome!  Incredibly rich and totally inspiring; it's clear we should all be having this work all of the time."

~ Beth Burke

"Have been needing to take this course for many years. It did not disappoint. It was extremely well presented and the education and knowledge I now have will be incorporated into my daily work and therapies I provide my patients."

~ Doris M. LaVere

"So much good info, I really feel like I can add it into my practice easily and that it would benefit my clients greatly! Super stoked about all the info. Thank you."

~ October 2019

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