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Claire's Private Practice 
Luna Blues Berry Farm

Integrative Reflexology® Session

Receive Claires signature reflexology session with Sweet Feet© cream and optional aromatherapy. This session includes both foot and hand reflexology,.

60 minutes for $80

Full-Body Therapeutic Massage

This is a custom massage based on what the client requests. Any areas needing attention will be addressed. Claire will draw from her 40+ years of experience to provide the best support for the client's health and well-being. Options include any of the massages listed below.

60 minutes for $100

75-80 minutes for $125

Hours: 10am to 4pm

Tuesday - Saturday

Best way to contact is via email:

Please include your phone number and the best times to call you to set the appointment.

Cancellations: Please provide 24-hour notice for any cancellations. No-shows will be charged 50% of the session fee.

Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy Massage: 60 or 80 min

Claire created and offers this nurturing holistic pregnancy massage. Your tension areas are addressed in a safe and therapeutic side-lying position. You will feel that you are floating on a cloud of pillows.


Nurturing the Mother® Postpartum Massage: 60 or 80 min

Every mother needs a postpartum massage. Birth is a powerful, body-changing experience. This massage brings the mother back to herself. It is designed to release birth tension, support the digestive system, assist in milk production and letdown and relieve the discomforts of caring for and feeding a baby. You are postpartum for up to 3 months post-birth.


Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage: 80 min

When Claire’s student demo’s starting getting pregnant after receiving this work in class (sometimes within a day to 2 weeks post session), Claire knew she needed to bring this work to her clients and offer it as a workshop. With a vast amount of study and training, including the professional level of Mayan Abdominal Massage, Claire offers her clients a powerful tool to support the conception of their family. Claire works along with IVF, IUI and all fertility-assisted conceptions.

Lymphatic Massage: 80 min

(For cleansing and supporting the immune system)

Claire’s background in radiology includes x-rays of the lymphatic system. In 1995, she formally studied the Vodder method of lymphatic drainage. Her lymphatic massage is deeply relaxing and highly beneficial to moving any lymph congestion. Castor oil packs on the abdomen and digestive abdominal massage support clearing the deeper lymphatic areas. Her Lymph Mover oil is optional and benefits the hydration of the skin and supports the lymph fluid continuing to move post-massage. It is recommended that you wear clothing that can potentially get oily.

Menopause Massage: 80 min

Claire designed this massage protocol after completing her own menopausal transition. The methods and oil help  the woman to feel cool, serene and balanced. Additions to this session will include castor oil packs on the abdomen, oil based hair growth scalp massage and shiatsu techniques for moving the chi, which stagnates as we go through peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause.

Infant and Newborn Massage Instruction: 30 min for $50

Claire has given infant massage to her own children and trained with Baby’s First Massage in 1992.

The gentle and focused protocol she teaches helps with sensory development, digestion and neurological integration. 

The reaction from babies is usually pure joy and delight. Babies sleep better and are less inclined toward colic. When babies are happy the family is happy!

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