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Teba Orueta

Schedule of Classes

“Teba has a great presentation with easy accessibility to ask her questions. She explains in a way everyone can understand.”

- Melanie Simpson – Miami, FL

Teba Orueta instructor for CMMS

Teba has no classes scheduled at this time.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful class, Teba. It had everything I hoped for and, without a doubt, I would recommend it to anyone interested in working with pregnant women and new mothers. I am still buzzing. My toolbox has definitely expanded and I can't wait to share these new skills with the pregnant women I see in the clinic. I loved the different ways we were learning: reading together, the discussions, practical practice - how everything we learned has a purpose - leaving me feeling equipped to help relieve discomfort and increase well-being. You did an amazing job meeting everyone's needs. Going to the clinic and trying out the protocol made me feel even more ready to bring this into my own practice. This class is truly worth a trip across the atlantic!”

- Alexandra 2020

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