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Claire Marie Miller Seminars, Inc.

About Claire Marie Miller Seminars

Claire Marie Miller's uniquely innovative work with reflexology and pregnancy and postpartum massage was born out of personal experience. With 40+ years of study and practice in massage therapy, and an additional seven years in radiologic technology, her courses are grounded in anatomy while offering the wisdom of life experiences. Her specialized approach to teaching is in demand across the country and internationally.

Claire Marie Miller Seminars offers classes based on a holistic model that helps create peace and balance for the body, mind and spirit. The hallmark of these trainings is the in-depth techniques and easy-to-follow protocols that provide students with all they need to immediately implement what they have learned into their practice. Claire's trainings are both time and cost effective for students.

To learn more about the variety of classes offered through Claire Marie Miller Seminars, visit the Integrative Reflexology® and Nurturing the Mother® pages.

Claire and her instructors look forward to sharing this powerful work with you!

Claire Marie Miller

"Claire hit the high mark of excellence from the get go! The demo of the massage sequence early in the first day infused lots of information and made it the best seminar I have been to in years, and I have attended a lot of seminars during my 17 years of doing massage! It was an amazing two day seminar. Claire is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience."


Eileen Newsome
Eileen Newsome

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Claire Marie Miller Seminars instructor, Eileen Newsome. 


Eileen was a dear friend, colleague, and Irish sister. She trained to teach all my courses. She was inquisitive, intelligent, kind, generous, and so much fun. When I needed a travel buddy for part of my Ireland adventure, she said, “Absolutely!” 


Eileen was an Irish citizen and her father fought in the Irish Revolution, joining at the young age of 17. I received an incredible education about my Irish heritage on our journey together. It was a magical journey, full of laughter, joy, and kinship. She was the sister/companion I had hoped for. 


Eileen will be with me, in my heart. I only found out recently that she passed on January 1st, not long after my husband, Sun, passed, on December 24th. Grieving has become my daily life as I mourn both of their passing.

I live with the joy of having known her.

~ Claire ~

“I’ve had the honor of taking all three certification courses (Pregnancy, Fertility, Integrative Reflexology®) and I will say they are all worth it! Claire teaches with love and passion for both male and female health. The knowledge students gain in these courses will truly help any therapist’s practice! Thank you so much, Claire, for all the knowledge from these courses!”

- Daniel Haas – Pittsburgh, PA

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