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Menopause massage - What is it?

My students asked me to create this protocol to address the many symptoms of “The Change.”

I needed to wait until I experienced The Change myself. 

It is a change that takes years, from the perimenopause stage to fully embracing post-menopause. 

At nearly 70 years, I can say I have run the gauntlet of change. Along with that, the Menopause Massage class is now in full swing, with classes in many locations and excellent instructors. 

It is a class of change - it changes as I learn more, it changes with each instructor who teaches it, it changes with the variety of students who come to learn this for themselves and their clients. 

But what is it? Many women experience any number of menopausal symptoms. The Nurturing the Mother® Wise Woman Menopause Massage protocol is designed to help women through hot flashes, brain fog, uterine fibroids, uterine bleeding, cysts on the ovaries, breast changes, digestive challenges, and emotional upheavals.

With all that said, as massage therapists, we do not treat or prescribe, or pretend to be mental health therapists. We nurture our client with castor oil packs, aromatherapy, slow, nurturing massage techniques, lymphatic drainage of the legs, foot reflexology, and being a good listener as needed. 

Research has shown that aromatherapy is benefical for menopause symptoms. (

This study reported benefits with a back massage, which also stimulates the bladder meridian, a Winter meridian. (

Menopause is the transition into our elder years. For most women, it is a time when we no longer care for a house full of children. It is a time when we shift our focus from a career to living, traveling, and enjoying the fruits of our labors. 

We may become grandmothers too. It is a time to share our wisdom. It is time to be honored. 

In the Asian model of stages of life, we move into the Autumn of our life in our late 40’s-60 and then the Winter stage, from 60 on. 

As I am in the winter of my life, I am currently letting the snow of gray hair grace my head. 

Autumn speaks of a transitional time, composting our knowledge, letting go in order to make the changes into our elderhood. The Winter element is the final years - our legacy. A time to philosophize about our journey. It is the kidney and bladder meridians - a time of balancing. 

Just as it is with fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum, our culture has not embraced women’s changes in the way many indigenous cultures have. We, as older women, need our circle, our tribe, with whom to share and celebrate The Change.

Creating a massage that honors The Change is a perfect way to nurture our mothers, grandmothers, and all elder women. 

Many thanks for my Elder Women friends, Teresa, Nancy, Dhiresha, Jane, Ellen, Cathy M., and Cathy J.

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