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My Personal Journey with Fertility Massage

It is with a passion for the generations yet to be born that I pursue this work to open and nurture the parents-to-be. Today, worldwide, many who are trying to conceive are spending thousands of dollars to have the primal experience of reproducing. For some, the drive to procreate is deep and strong, while others may not want to conceive, yet desire to have reproductive health. 


Fertility massage may also be called reproductive massage. The health of our reproductive system is an indicator of our overall health. All the techniques used in the Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage sequence are beneficial to anyone who has challenges in the organs and glands of reproduction. I have utilized this protocol for the past 39 years and have had a success rate of approximately 60% with couples who have been trying to conceive for over a year. It is a joyous moment when a client returns to tell you that you have helped support them in becoming a parent. 

The first time I ever considered fertility massage was in 1983, with the conception of my second child and first daughter. I felt as if her spirit was calling me – I was a driven to be as healthy as possible. All parts of the process in preparing for her conception were from my own intuition and personal study, and all were validated when the preparation resulted in her conscious conception. One aspect of my preparation included deep pelvic massage from a massage workshop that I had taken a few months prior to her conception. The intention was to open the flow of pelvic energy. Other aspects of my preparation were meditation, yoga, charting my cycle, and castor oil packs.  


I had learned about castor oil packs from a course I attended with Hugh Lynn Cayce. His father, Edgar Cayce, is well known for his teaching on the benefits of castor oil. Castor oil is used as a topical lubricant for all the reproductive areas, in the form of an abdominal pack. For me, the experience of utilizing the packs improved my elimination, settled my menses, and created a peaceful effect during and after application. 


Castor oil is one of my favorite oils and I have used it with clients to address fibroids, endometriosis, and even low sperm count. All my clients, both male and female, have had a marked improvement in their conditions with the correct use of castor oil packs. Castor oil packs have been supportive in both natural and assisted conception. 


Castor oil has also assisted in my own uterine issue with fibroids that I experienced during perimenopause. Fibroids are a benign growth in the uterus that tends to cause heavy, long, and debilitating bleeding cycles. My mother lost her uterus at age 38 due to fibroids. Unlike her, I was able to move through menopause with my uterus intact. I credit my success to the castor oil packs, acupuncture, and dietary changes. 


Years after I began working with fertility massage, I continued to learn about how to work deeper into the pelvis through Mayan Abdominal Massage with Rosita Arvigo and Intrinsic Muscles of the Pelvis with Thomas Myers, craniosacral training with Michael Shea, and additional bodywork techniques. 


What began as an intention to create health for couples has expanded to help those in need, as infertility now affects one third of couples trying to conceive. We all know we sit more in modern life – our jobs, our time in the car, and less movement in general. Our food systems have deteriorated with the introduction of GMOs and Roundup applied to the fields before harvesting grains. Hormones have been injected into our meats that contribute to creating imbalances with our own hormonal systems. Fertility massage is one way we can reconnect our clients to the body and its natural cycles, creating health and combating the negative effects of our modern lifestyle.

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